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Optional extras at The Ascent to improve your student experience

If you want to make your Iconinc experience even better, take advantage of these optional extras. You'll be able to enjoy university life more and you'll have extra time to spend on your studies. 

Professional Cleaning at IconInc, The Ascent

Professional cleaning

Do you like your room clean and tidy? With our professional cleaning service, you can have a sparkling room without lifting a finger.

Packages from £20

Personal Trainer at IconInc, The Ascent

Dedicated fitness trainer

Take your workout routine to the next level by booking personal training session with IconInc's fitness trainer. Group sessions are also available if you want the support of your gym friends.

1-2-1: £20 (discounts available for block bookings)
Taster session: £15

Packages from £20

Complete cooking pack with pans, utensils and essential appliances.

Kitchen pack

Make the most of your own kitchen by cooking up a storm. This cooking pack comes with everything you need to make your favourite meals. Kettle Toaster Knife set Tea towel Oven glove Colander Cooking utensils Stainless steel saucepan set (x 3) Oven tray Tin opener Bottle opener

Packages from £149

Essential tableware with crockery and glasses

Crockery pack

Do you need cutlery, plates and glasses? Then this is the pack for you. It has all the tableware essentials you need to get you started in your new luxury apartment. 2 x dinner plates 2 x side plates 2 x bowls 2 x latte mugs 2 x high ball glass 2 x wine glasses 2 x cutlery set

Packages from £49

Complete Bedding Pack

Bedding pack

Arrive at Iconinc with a fresh set of bedding all ready for you. This bedding pack ensures your first night at IconInc is a good one. Duvet 2 x pillows Duvet cover & pillow cases Fitted sheet

Packages from £119

Stack of fluffy white towels

Bathroom pack

This essential set means you don't have to walk around the shops searching for bathroom items. Everything is ready to use and makes your apartment feel like home from day one. Bath towel Hand towel Face cloth Bath matt Sleep spray Soap Shampoo Conditioner

Packages from £49

Fusion cooking pack

Fusion Pack

Rice Cooker Chopping board Wok 2 x bowls 2 x spoons 2 x chop sticks 2 x chop stick holders 2 x bamboo placemats Wok shovel Strainer Ladle

Packages from £89

Gown set

Arrive at Iconinc and get straight into a fresh dressing gown and slippers! Make your first night at Iconinc a good one.

Packages from £29