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A fakeaway cookery class with Chris Hale

Students making pizzas with MasterChef 2016 quarterfinalist, Chris Hale
Olivia, from The Glassworks

Finally, Chris Hale was back in the building at The Glassworks last week! This was the second in the series of cookery masterclasses that he’s running for us at the moment but it was the first one I’ve been to because the last one was so popular I missed the chance.

This month he showed us how to make a Middle Eastern flatbread with lamb, feta and mint, for starters. And for the main, a pizza from scratch, dough and all!

First for the dough

Around the table in the mega kitchen, we broke off into small groups of three to work on our doughs (one for the flat bread and one for the pizza) after a short demo from Chris. We had a great laugh as flour went everywhere while we kneaded and rolled. I think we got more flour on ourselves than anything else!

Chris helped by heading from group to group, giving advice and stopping to chat and joke with us all. As we were kneading he was watching out for things like the dough getting dry and then he would tell us how to fix it. He also showed us how to tell when it’s ready to be flattened out with a rolling pin.

IconInc students making pizza dough with Chris Hale

Finishing the flatbread

Into the oven with the dough and it was time to cook up the flatbread topping. We all gathered around the cooker as Chris demonstrated how to flavour the lamb mince with cinnamon, turmeric, cumin and chilli flakes – a delicious combination of spices! When the dough was cooked, we added the lamb along with some extra toppings like pomegranate seeds, feta cheese and mint. And then it was finally time to devour our creations…they were amazing by the way.

For the flatbread, there was lamb mince as the main topping, there were also pomegranate seeds, feta cheese and more. Flavouring the lamb while cooking with cinnamon, turmeric and cumin as well as chilli flakes.

Topping the pizza

I couldn’t believe it when Chris told us we were making the tomato base for the pizza as well as the dough. He showed us exactly what to put into a blender to make the base and it wasn’t actually as complicated as it sounds.

Next we were able to get creative with the toppings. We ended up making quite a lot of half and half pizzas between the different groups because we all wanted to try out lots of different flavour combinations. There were two different cheeses to choose from, cheddar (obvs) and goat’s cheese, and lots of other toppings like Parma ham, chorizo, onions, courgette, rocket and mushrooms just to name a few.

Then the pizzas went into the oven. It seemed like it took forever for them to cook because we were so desperate to eat them! They smelled amazing while they cooked as well and tasted even better!

IconInc students topping their pizzas
Students eating their pizzas, made with the help of Chris Hale

10/10 - I would definitely make both dishes again because they were so simple. They weren’t very time consuming either and so much better than store bought pizza and flatbread. I thought it was also a massive bonus being able to customise the toppings to make them exactly how I liked. Thanks for all the tips Chris!

Chris Hale will be back with more cookery masterclasses over the next few months. He’s also produced a collection of exclusive recipes for IconInc, which you’ll find on the blog very soon!

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