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How To Get Involved In The IconInc Community

iconinc student accommodation community party
Emma Hart

The IconInc community is kind of a big deal. We love that so many people from all over the world can live together under one roof. We love that everyone is friendly and can learn so much about other cultures. We also love how much fun the IconInc community has. From cupcake making masterclasses to summer parties, and from afternoon teas to quiz nights, here’s how to get involved in the IconInc community. Not only will you make great memories but you’ll make friends for life too!

Join The Facebook Groups

Did you know that if you join the IconInc groups for The Edge, The Glassworks, and The Ascent, you’ll be some of the first to know about cool events that are happening at IconInc. It’s also a great place to find out who’s also going to be an IconInc resident in September. The chances are, if you join these groups, you’ll have a big friendship circle before you even move into your apartment.

Check Your Emails

We don’t send emails too often but when we do, they’re full of important and fun information. We’ll give you the lowdown on the cool extras you can use to make your IconInc experience extra amazing. We’ll also give you hints and tips on the city you’re living in so you can enjoy your new home with new friends.

party preparations at IconInc

Look Out For The Monthly Event Boards

Each month, a new board will go up in your IconInc reception to let you know about the month’s upcoming events. Take a look, decide what you want to attend, and if you need to just sign up at reception to get involved. Here’s a top tip: The free massage slots we regularly have at IconInc get filled up very quickly so don’t miss out and get your name down!

Hang Out In The Mega Kitchens

The Mega Kitchens in The Glassworks and The Ascent are a great place to meet residents living on the same floor as you. Also, everyone loves food so if you’re cooking something amazing, don’t be surprised if you have a group of new friends around you waiting to try out a delicious meal!

iconinc mega kitchen

Use #IconInc

Don’t forget to use #IconInc on your social media posts! Not only is a good way to see what everyone’s getting up to at IconInc but you could also win a free hotel stay at a Roomzzz Aparthotel location of your choice!

What have you done to get involved in the IconInc community? Do you have any suggestions for future events we can do?

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