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Gift shopping ideas on a student budget

Stevie Colston | Event Manager

Worried about how you're going to get everyone on your list a gift this Holiday season on a student budget?

Our Student Icon, Lauren, has put together a guide on mastering gifts this year!

Organise a Secret Santa
Secret Santa is a great way to ensure everyone in your friendship group gets a gift, without having to blow your budget on multiple gifts. Here's how it works:
1. Draw a name from a hat
2. Set a budget for the gift
3. Buy a meaningful gift for the name you drew
4. Wrap the present but keep it anonymous!
5. Distribute the gifts and enjoy trying to guess who bought for who!

Black Friday Sales
Black Friday is a great way to save money on many different items that you want to buy as gifts but make sure you are prepared in advance with a list! Here are some tips for not losing out on the day:
1. Research the product price beforehand to ensure you are actually getting a deal
2. Be wary of unusual brands or sellers
3. Start early to ensure you don’t miss out on the deals
4. Make advantage of online cash-back systems
5. Look at the price not the saving

Homemade Gifts
Christmas gifts made by your own hands not only save money but also provide a lot more meaning and love behind the present. Here are some great ideas for you to get creative on:
1. Face masks
2. Cookie/cake mix in a jar
3. DIY sugar and salt scrub
4. Marmalade, jam or chutney
5. Candles
6. Hot chocolate sets
7. Wardrobe freshening pouches
8. Christmas hampers
9. Photo album

Price Compare
Don’t just click and buy the first item on your search list, or the one from the well known website. Take some time to compare the price of item between multiple different websites. But be wary of fake products pretending to be the real thing for very reduced prices! Always check that the company is verified and any reviews from past customers.

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