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Ever wondered why our latest location is named Gravity?

Amber Parker-Marshall

Hold on, did someone say it’s November?

It has been two months since IconInc Gravity first opened its doors to our tenants in our brand new luxury student accommodation. And what a time it has been! From all of the events we’ve run like pumpkin carving and make your own no-bake Biscoff tart, to some of the first meals in our private dining rooms, movie marathons in the cinema and students working away in the study rooms, it’s been a jam-packed time here!

Gravity is the fourth accommodation opened by IconInc, meaning we are now in Leeds, Liverpool and (you guessed it) Lincoln! Every site has a different meaning behind its name and here at Gravity there’s no exception.

In 1642, a mathematician and physicist who we know as Isaac Newton was born at Woolsthorpe Manor just outside of Grantham, Lincolnshire. Little did he know at the time the importance he would have to the world as we know it. A falling apple from a tree in front of his eyes whilst pondering the forces of nature brought about the theory behind gravity.

Without the theory of gravity, how could we ever explain the things that occur in our daily lives? Your belongings would be flying off the table in front of you and never mind that, nothing in the world would stay down on the floor!

Isaac Newton has such an importance in all of our lives, we just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to honour him in the heart of Lincolnshire county, Lincoln. IconInc Gravity was opened on the 15th September 2020 and enclosed within all of our amazing facilities is the Isaac Newton study pod, for all of our budding scientists, mathematicians, artists and beyond to work away to their heart's content.

Cheers to Isaac Newton, Gravity, and the future of all our amazing student tenants!

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