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A Guide To Getting Ready For Festival Season

Students listening to a band at a festival
Emma Hart

Festival season is finally here and if you’re staying in the UK or in Europe over the summer, you’ll know there are plenty of festivals to attend. You’ve worked hard this year so now it’s time to play hard this festival season. If you’re attending even one festival this summer, here’s how to get ready for the festival season and have the best summer of your life.

Organise Your Outfits

Everyone knows that one of the best parts of going to a festival is choosing what to wear. Whether you’re a denim shorts, tee, and flowers-in-your-hair kind of person or a full-on Coachella fashionista, the outfits can make or break your festival experience. The main thing to consider though is to wear something comfortable that can stand 12 hours a day of festival madness.

What Are You Going To Eat?

Festival food is a lot better than it was 5 years ago. Street food is a big thing at festivals now so you’ll be able to find some great grub when you’re hungry! However, it’s always good to take some snacks too to keep you going throughout the day. Cereal bars are a great way to keep your energy levels high and other food like nuts, dried fruit, crisps, and flapjacks are great snacks in between main meals too!

Street food being served at a festival

Plan Who You’re Going To See

There are often clashes at festivals. How are you meant to choose between two of your favourite bands/DJs/singers? We know it’s an impossible choice but take a look at the line-up beforehand, and work out who you’re going to see so you know where you need to be and when, you don't want to be making unnecessary trips forwards and backwards. Otherwise, you could easily end up wandering around the festival and not see anyone you want to see. It pays off to be an organised festival goer!

Figure Out Where You’re Going To Stay

Hotels can easily be fully booked many weeks before festival time so get searching and find the perfect place to stay with your friends. Do you go cool boutique hotel or flashy apartment to make the festival experience an epic one? Festivals also usually have glamping pods and big luxury bell tents to sleep in. The best part? You don’t have to share your bathroom with anyone and you get a proper bed to sleep in too!

Or Practise Putting Up Your Tent

Alternatively, if you want to go for the full festival experience, take a tent to pitch up with everyone else! Just ensure that you’ve practised putting it up before the festival and take a warm sleeping bag! It might not be the most glamourous way to sleep but it’ll be a great experience you’ll never forget and you’ll always be at the heart of the action.

Students camping in the sun at a music festival

Pack A Poncho

European festivals are almost guaranteed great, warm weather. It’s a different story in the UK though where sun, rain, and cloud can appear all in the same day. To avoid getting too wet, take a lightweight poncho or waterproof coat with you just in case the heavens do open. They also make great make-shift seats for when you need a rest!

Book Transport To And From The Festival In Advance

Lots of festivals in the UK organise coach transport from the nearest city to the festival. This is a particularly good option if your festival is out in the countryside like Glastonbury or Leeds Festival. It means you can easily get to and from the festival and you won’t get stuck in traffic like you might do if you’re in a car.

Pack Cleansing Wipes

Unless you’re staying in a hotel or going back home, cleansing wipes will be your best friend when there are no showers. Festivals can be hot and sweaty events so it’s best to be prepared to stay fresh and clean-ish!

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