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Humans of IconInc: Stevie, our Community and Events Manager

Alice Ostapjuk

Get to know the bright spark behind our year-round events calendar and who’s all about bringing our IconInc community together.

Because it’s not just about waking up in a state-of-the-art apartment every day and having next level facilities at your fingertips. It’s the people you meet and the things you do along the way, that are going to make your university days memorable.

Say hi to Stevie, our Community and Events Manager…

Q: Tell us about your role at IconInc in one sentence.

Stevie: It’s all about creating exciting events that help to build our buzzing community at IconInc and enhancing our students’ university experience.

Q: Describe a typical day in your job.

Stevie: It’s very social, no two days are the same! I try to visit each location once a week (come say hi!) to get to know the students and to find out more about their interests so I can incorporate them into the events planning. I also spend some days at our HQ where I can feedback to the IconInc team and plan (hopefully) awesome and interesting events.

Q: You’re quite new to IconInc, what are you enjoying most about your role so far?

Stevie: I’m really loving meeting lots of new people from all over the world but I think also knowing that what I do here is going to bring extra fun and experiences to our students’ university days.

Q: Tell us about your favourite event that you’ve ever worked on.

Stevie: This is a really hard one…I’ve been really fortunate in my career so far to work on some amazing events but I think my favourite is probably Outlook & Dimensions Festivals in Croatia. I learnt a lot working on those events over the two years I worked with them and part of my heart definitely belongs on a festival site!

Q: Dish the dirt on the craziest event you’ve ever been involved with.

Stevie: There’s been lots of crazy ones! But it probably has to be the Hamleys Toy Parade on London’s Regent Street. This is a full road closure event that has so many huge brands involved so it’s a huge event to be part of and coordinate. The time frames you have to build the event around are so tight because you can only close such a huge street in London for a certain amount of time and you have to make sure that everything is perfect for the brands involved. Over 800,000 attended on the day and let’s just say it was a logistical challenge!

Q: What did you study at university and did you think it would lead you to a job in events?

Stevie: I studied Arts and Festival Management, which covered a huge variety of areas of the creative industries from music industry management to planning festivals, to Arts Council funding and policies! I always hoped it would lead to an events career and I’ve been really lucky with the opportunities I’ve had but I’ve definitely worked hard for them. The lecturers really encouraged you to do placements and get experience within your chosen field, which definitely helped when I graduated!

Q: Which IconInc facility would you have liked to have in your university accommodation?

Stevie: Probably the cinema, some of my fondest memories of university are chilling out and watching a film with my housemates so it would have been nice to have a huge cinema screen to enjoy it on.

Q: You’ve got the private cinema to yourself for two hours – what would you watch?

Stevie: Any Harry Potter film! I love the series and I feel like they are always better on a big screen.

Q: What’s your spirit animal?

Stevie: It probably depends on my mood! Maybe an otter? They’re really sociable.

Q: How do you relax in your spare time outside of work?

Stevie: I don’t watch a lot of TV so I like it when I find a good series to binge watch.

Q: What’s your guilty pleasure?

Stevie: I’ve never missed an episode of Casualty… sad I know.

Be sure to say hi if you see Stevie around (and maybe chat about Harry Potter too!). And check out what’s on at IconInc over the coming months, here.

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