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3 Reasons To Choose IconInc As An International Student

international student accommodation
Emma Hart

IconInc is a place where international students thrive. You can live the luxury life you’re studying for from the moment you step into your apartment. As well as the friendly atmosphere, we’ve got a diverse community where you’ll feel welcome right from the start. If you’re thinking about living here, we’ve got 3 reasons you need to choose IconInc as an international student…

International Community

We’re not just a place to live while you’re at university. IconInc is an international community where you will meet friends from all over the world. You will cook together, hang out together, study together, and make memories together that will last you a lifetime. We’re proud of the inclusive environment here at IconInc and we know it creates the best kind international community that you won’t find at any other student apartments.

international student accommodation

There Are Plenty Of Events

If you work hard at university, you should definitely play hard too. From summer parties to cupcake decorating, and quiz nights to cooking lessons, we want you to have fun just like we want you to prosper in your studies. These events also help you meet people that are also living at IconInc, so don’t be worried that you won’t meet anyone because you will!

international student accommodation

It’s Your Home As Soon As You Arrive

As soon as your step through the door at IconInc, it’s your home. We’ll greet you with a friendly smile and we’re here to help you from your very first day. Whether you need help with your laundry, or finding the best route to university, we’re here for you. We know how daunting it is moving to a new city so we’ll do everything we can to make it easier for you. So unpack your bags, put up photos of family and friends, and enjoy making IconInc your home from day 1.

student accommodation

Are you an international student at IconInc? What do you like about it most? Let us know over on Twitter and don't forget to use #iconinc or tag your location at IconInc for the chance to win an overnight stay at Roomzzz.

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