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Get the lowdown on life at IconInc


We chat to Rulan; a Chinese student studying Business and Management about her experience of living at IconInc this year.

Where is home for you?

Home is a place of belonging and becoming. Belonging for me is meant for friends and family. Becoming is a place that challenges us to grow and become who I am truly meant to be. So, the first home is my hometown Dongguan, which is a small city in the south-east of China near HK and Shenzhen. This is a place that I grew up and find out what I want to do. This is also a place that has the most of childhood memories with my family and friends.

The second place is Manchester where I studied. This is a place where I made a lot of friends and have a memorable student life.

The third place is Leeds where I work. This is a place that challenges the most. A brand-new environment, a working life that brings me stress and feelings of loneliness. But it has been six months since I moved here to IconInc, I have started to get used to this kind of life, start to learn all the working skills, and also started to make new friends in this city.

What are you studying and why did you want to come to the UK to study?

I study business management specialising in marketing. I love adventure and new challenges; I want to see the world to experience different cultures and make friends all over the world. Apart from that, I want to be a ‘real’ independent, and experience living away from my parents.

What do you love most about life in the UK?

People are always chilling here, not like Asia. So, you can slow down and enjoy some beautiful moments in your life.

What do you miss most about home?

Mom’s food – it is the best food I have ever tasted!

Why did you choose to live at IconInc?

The location and the facilities are perfect for me – I’m a lazy student so enjoy having all the everything nearby.

What’s your favourite thing about living at IconInc?

The coffee machine is my fave, especially in the winter. Because I need to wake up early for my job, a cup of hot latte can save my life and bring me energy.

Does living at IconInc help your studies and why?

Yes, it does. IconInc offers different kinds of places for studying, such as a study room, communal lounge and even a study pod. The study pot is one of my favourite places to study, it’s in the garden and is made of wood, I love the feeling of being in the pod and it allows me to concentrate.

Would you recommend IconInc to other international students and why?

Yes, I strongly recommend this place. When you come to a brand-new environment, you might be nervous, but this is the place to help you adjust. The different kinds of events; like day trips, gym classes and delicious afternoon tea; help the international students make friends easily and have a dynamic and interesting life in the UK apart from studying.

Do you have a social media page where other students can follow your journey studying in the UK and living at IconInc?

Yes, I have. My Instagram is le.on160.

Thanks Rulan! If you want to experience your best student life, click here to book a viewing.

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