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Enjoying A Sports Day At IconInc

Students in the park at university
Guest Author

What’s summer for if you can’t enjoy a sports day or two? When the sun comes out at IconInc, the students get together, head to the park, and indulge in a little bit of competitive fun. Here’s what a group of IconInc residents did when they organised their very own sports day…

Hey guys, I’m Laura, a resident here at IconInc The Glassworks, in Leeds. It was a warm day a few weeks ago so we decided to get a group together and go out to Burley Park, just behind The Glassworks. First of all, we played a basketball game while we were waiting for a few others to arrive. It ended up getting quite competitive so all of us but two, decided to go play a friendly game of Frisbee so we didn’t hold the basketball pros back from their game!

Students playing frisbee in the park

When everyone arrived, we played a game of rounders. Now, as this is quite a British game, not everyone knew how to play which was a laugh but it was fun teaching everyone. We had a great game but then 2 dogs turned up so all attention went towards them. They were super friendly and everyone enjoyed a cuddle, even Oday who’s afraid of dogs. Or so he says. I’ve seen him pet 2 or 3 dogs now so I’m not quite sure he’s as afraid as he says he is!

Nathan showed off his rugby skills when we got the American Football out and then we decided it was time for a BBQ. I drove to Morrisons for the food and the boys did all the cooking and prep work. That’s definitely one of the benefits of having a BBQ at The Glassworks, you can have BBQ food whenever you want! All the food was delicious, included the ultra messy smores cake we made. I wish I had a picture to show you!

Student BBQing at university

We then ended the day by watching, and singing along to, The Greatest Showman in the cinema. AKA the best move of 2018!

It was such a good day and hopefully we can do it all over again when the sun comes out!

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