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Student mental health & wellbeing at the heart of Iconinc

Guest Author

With the impact of Covid-19 shedding a much-needed light on the importance of positive student mental health and wellbeing, what more could you want, than an accommodation choice that provides the perfect opportunity for you to embrace all of your needs in one environment: relaxation, socialisation, exercise, study spaces, 24hr support and monthly social events.

Gone are the days where students are simply provided with a room, but now there is a need for much more than this. It's about eating right, exercising, taking care of oneself and wanting nice surroundings to live in, which Iconinc is certainly unique in providing. It has been long demonstrated that student’s mental health and wellbeing directly affects how well they are able to work at University and can certainly be reflected in their grades and success within their course. Thus, Iconinc is exceptional in moving students from the traditional small box room with a desk, to fully kitted out studios that are perfect in providing students with their own space, but also with remarkable communal spaces, to socialise and spend time with friends: lounges, communal kitchens and games room to name a few.

Therefore, I have put together 5 ways in which my stay at IconInc Gravity has promoted my positive wellbeing and mental health.

1. Gym
I must admit, certainly one of my favourite perks of living at Iconinc, is the 24-hour access to a fully kitted, state of the art gym. I would definitely claim that this has been one of the best ways to ensure that for me, as a student, I have been able to continue focusing on my wellbeing and mental health alongside the demanding nature of my studies. Not only has the access to the accommodation gym given me the flexibility to exercise at any point that works best for me, but it has also given me the security that I only have to take a couple steps and a lift directly to the gym; no more walking for miles in the cold or dark to get to a gym for me!

2. 24-hour reception staff
All Iconinc sites have 24-hour reception staff that are not only there to support your every need, but all staff at Iconinc are also mental health first aid trained too! I truly believe that this is vital in ensuring that all students living at Iconinc consistently have the mental health and wellbeing support that they need. You can talk to any member of staff about any problems that you are having and most of all - have a friendly face to provide much needed reassurance; especially when the idea of moving away from home to a completely new place can be daunting for some.

I would also like to bring light to the exceptional nature and actions of the Iconinc staff during the coronavirus pandemic, truly going above and beyond to make my stay at Gravity extraordinary. One can imagine that being faced with the situation that they must isolate in their room for 14 days due to the coronavirus, would be unnerving for anyone, especially for a student that is living away from home - a situation that I unfortunately found myself in. However, I can’t even begin to explain how amazing the Iconinc staff were during this time! Whether this be from bringing me breakfast every morning to my door in a socially distanced manor, to writing me motivating notes and bringing me all my parcels, I can only describe my experience during this time as no less than exceptional. So, here is a note to any such reader that the staff at Iconinc truly value your mental health & wellbeing and I wish you the very best stay here at Iconinc!

3. Social Events
Now, this really is a favourite of mine! I can’t even begin to explain how impressed I am with the multitude of complementary social events that Iconinc runs on a monthly basis, truly giving students the opportunity to socialise and focus on their wellbeing. Here is to just name a few of my absolute favourites: • Harvey Nichols x ESPA – What a better way to finish your week, than with an online pamper session with representatives of Harvey Nichols, demonstrating how to use the complimentary products that they provide you with, who doesn’t LOVE a pamper session! • Yoga – Now, what an amazing way to start your week than with the most relaxing yoga session, that truly focuses your mind and body. • Cooking events – Well, I wouldn't exactly say that I am the best cook in the world, but the cooking events that Iconinc does, seem to make it look so easy! Not only do these cooking events include sweet treats like brownies and cheesecake, but they also include healthy snacks like low calorie pizzas.

4. Study pods
Study pods are honestly my biggest life saver! I must admit, with the pressures of university studies, exams, exhibitions etc, a real key to balancing my lifestyle this year has been IconInc’s study pods. This is especially so, with the coronavirus proving detrimental on my ability to access university facilities. The study pods have not only given me more time to focus on my studies but have also allowed me to separate my living space to my study space, to create a real zone of concentration. There will be no more late night, long walks to the library for me, with everything I could ever need within easy reach.

5. Breakfast & Veg Fridays
The complimentary breakfast and veg Fridays are honestly my BIGGEST life saver! Unquestionably, both are the best way for any such student to upkeep a healthy lifestyle and to ensure that there is no longer an excuse to miss breakfast. There is now no more missing breakfast for students who are rushing to lectures or seminars, with grab and go bags meaning that it takes a mere 10 seconds (if you’re quick) to pick up a fruit pot or pastry and go…! Then the question is, what is a better way to promote positive wellbeing with a healthy lifestyle, than incorporating complementary vegetables in your cooking? Well, it certainly took away my excuse to skip on the veg!

MY TOP TIP:The potential for maintaining a positive wellbeing and mental health is made so much easier at IconInc’s student accommodation, so certainly make sure you uptake all the opportunities and events that you can at this accommodation and be confident that you will have all the support you could ever need!

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