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Tips for Online Studying

Guest Author

With many of IconInc Students currently doing the majority of their studies online, our Student Icon - Lauren, has given us her top tips for being productive while studying remotely.

1. Set up your workspace
Create a dedicated workspace for your study and keep your bed for relaxing and sleeping.Whether it be a desk in your room, a dedicated study area or your campus library [if it is open] – make sure you have a separate place where you can fully concentrate and get your head into “work-mode”. Make sure you have everything you need close to hand such as pens, notebooks, chargers and textbooks.

2. Create a routine
Whilst sleeping in, studying in bed and spending the day in your PJs might seem like the dream, it's probably not the best set-up for a productive day. Wake up early, take a shower, have breakfast and a coffee/tea. Set dedicated hours to get your online classes and notes done. This helps prepare your mind and body for a productive day of studying!

3. Write a to-do list
Every morning [or the night before if you are feeling extra prepared] write a list of the activities and assignments you need to complete for each class that day, as well as any other things that you may need to do that day such as laundry, grocery shopping, replying to emails etc. With this you can tick off each item as you complete them to ensure you get everything done and don’t leave a large number of things to do later in the day – it also makes you feel very accomplished when everything on the list is ticked off at the end of the day!

4. Communicate
If you are unsure on the content or delivery of your classes, don’t be afraid to email your professor or ask fellow classmates for some help or clarification. The professors will be more than happy to answer your question or point you in the right direction of some content to read.

5. Take breaks and clock off
Keep yourself fuelled and hydrated throughout the day. Give yourself enough time during the day to get away from your laptop. Try to get outside and get some fresh air and Vitamin D, it will help boost your concentration and health. Finally, set a finishing time, even if means carrying over tasks into the next day it will help you feel refreshed and avoid the 'stale' feeling of studying constantly.

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