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Frequently asked questions

Get answers to some of our most frequently asked questions about IconInc.

apartment-building Securing an apartment

How do I book a room?

Why do I have to pay a deposit?

Can couples rent an apartment at IconInc?

What payments types are accepted?

If I haven't been accepted on my course yet, can I still secure an apartment?

What is your refund policy?

What documents do I need to complete my tenancy?

What payments are taken to book a room?

Who are Sturents?

moving-truck After I have moved in

What is the 'free breakfast'?

Will I receive compensation if something is stolen from my room?

How safe & secure is IconInc?

What if I lose the key-card for my room or my mailbox key?

Are pets allowed?

Can I have friends stay over in my apartment?

Can I bring my own furniture?

Who do I contact in the case of an emergency?

When is my rent due?

Do I need a TV license?

Are all the facilities included in my rent?

bed-table What’s included in my room?

How will internet access be provided?

Will my contents be insured?

Are cleaning and laundry included in my rent?

Are kitchen essentials included in my apartment?

contract Contractual

What documents do I need to complete my tenancy?

Do I need a guarantor and what if I can't provide one?

What is the procedure for getting my deposit back?

I don't have a UK bank account, how can I pay my rent?

Can I cancel my contract or leave early?

What are the lengths of the contract?

What is your complaints procedure?

What is your equality & diversity policy?