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Amber gives us the low down on Lincoln Cathedral

Amber Parker-Marshall | Team Member | Event Manager

Lincoln is surrounded by breath-taking nature and landscapes, home to two award-winning Universities, and potentially the steepest hill you may venture up in your life!

Who could forget one of the notorious wonders of little Lincoln, our great Cathedral? With reports the monument can be seen from as far as Sheffield, spotting Cathy on your route into Lincoln, however that may be, is a key moment that signals ‘You are home’. Whether you visit the Cathedral for a time of reflection or even just to look at the many beautiful stained-glass windows, it is truly a monument of wonder.

Following the Battle of Hastings in 1066, William the Conqueror made one of his most dedicated Benedictine monks named Remegius the first Norman Bishop of Dorchester, which at that time was a pretty big deal! Dorchester encompasses the area from the Humber to the Thames which is the largest diocese in the UK (Good to know: A diocese is very similar to a county. A Google definition states: ‘a district under the pastoral care of a bishop in the Christian Church.’). Remegius was tasked with establishing Lincoln Cathedral of which he was successful, however sadly passed away just hours before the consecration of the masterpiece.

Lincoln Cathedral by no means was an overnight project, or even year-long. Completion of the Cathedral took 20 years, starting in 1072 and ending in 1092. It probably took longer to construct than many of you reading this have been on earth! From 1311 to 1548, Lincoln was home to the tallest monument in the world! (Yes, really!)

Even better, we are home to one of the four remaining copies of the original Magna Carta, a document created establishing the idea that everybody including the Monarchy and individuals are subject to the law. This means that everybody residing in the UK has the right to justice and a fair trial.

Who would have thought that little Lincoln was home to such an oracle of history? No matter how steep that hill is, it is well worth making the ascent to the top to see this wonder in person. If you don’t fancy making the journey, take a trip to the Snug lounge on the third floor at Gravity and enjoy the views from the comfort of a sofa. Cathy looks great at night!

Due to the national lockdown imposed by the UK Government, Lincoln Cathedral is only open for private prayer. Before Coronavirus, the Cathedral provided free entry for both University of Lincoln and Bishop Grosseteste students. This may resume once lockdown restrictions are reduced, so definitely check once they are open for visitors again. Everyone loves a freebie!

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