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Humans of IconInc: Lucy, our Ascent Team Manager

Stevie Colston | Event Manager

We caught up with Lucy, our team manager at The Ascent, to find out more about her and her role!

What’s a typical day at IconInc for you?
Oh there is no typical day really. You can bet that every day will be typically interesting and exciting. In a day I can be doing such varied things such as making sure our incredibly high standards are met, to decorating the building for our regular seasonal festivities and events to making sure all of our tenants are having a blast during their journey with Iconinc.

What aspect of your role do you enjoy the most?
That’s a tough one. I really enjoy all of the aspects of my role. I am really fortunate to manage a building with such incredible facilities so I enjoy making sure every area is in good condition. I do enjoy getting to know tenants from all over the world as well and seeing them grow and develop.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve got involved with at IconInc?
I would definitely say the move out and move in months over summer! Our tenants sadly leave us and we have a really short window to turn our apartments around to welcome our newbies. The team roll up our sleeves and get involved in painting, maintenance, cleaning, checkouts. It is hectic and crazy but my favourite time of year as the whole team work so hard to freshen up the building for a new group of students. We have a lot of fun in the process.

What did you study at University and did you think it would lead to a role like this?
I studied right here at the University of Liverpool doing a history degree. Honestly, I did not imagine my degree would help me in my future career. I always had a passion for hospitality and knew this would be the type of role which I would end up in. My degree did give me the opportunity to leave my home town in West Yorkshire and come to Liverpool which is a city I love and have the whole university experience.

Which IconInc facility could you not live without?
Got to be breakfast! I start my day off with a big black coffee, yogurt, fruit and honey and a cheeky chocolate croissant. Yum!

You’ve got the private cinema to yourself for the evening, what would you be watching?
I love a comedy. There is a stupid old film called Cone heads which makes me howl. Or White Chicks. Or any of the Rocky films! I love Rocky. And I also love 24. Jack Bauer is my hero. I am sorry, I am so indecisive.

What’s your spirit animal?
A lion. Fiercely loyal, loud and passionate with the sass of a house cat.

What do you do to relax in your spare time?
I’m a book worm, so my head is always in a book.

Tell us 3 things that might surprise us about you:
I’m a gigantic Formula One fan. It’s my favourite thing. I will watch every part of a race weekend and get to races when I can.

I had a theatrical childhood. You could find me starring in the Halifax pantomime alongside Joel from Neighbours and in The Wizard of Oz as a munchkin (I know, I know! My career peaked there).

I once partied with Jason Derulo and ended up at a house party with him when I was a student.

What’s your go to midnight snack from the pantry?
Pringles. Pringles and more pringles. Our new brown bag crisp range are lovely too.

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