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Humans of IconInc: Nathan, our Dual Site Manager

Stevie Colston | Event Manager

We caught up with Nathan, our Dual Site Manager at The Edge and The Glassworks. To pick his brains to find out more about Nathan and his role at IconInc.

What’s a typical day at IconInc for you?
It's a cliché but no 2 days are the same here at Iconinc - but you know you can always expect to be busy and leave with a huge amount of job satisfaction.

What aspect of your role do you enjoy the most?
I enjoy the journey of meeting new tenants and watching them grow as people throughout their stay, be it 1 year or the full university cycle.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve got involved with at IconInc?
I’ve not been with the company for a very long time but on my first day I was told I had to go down the slide at least once at The Glassworks, I wasn’t told to go down it 4-5 times though like I did!

What did you study at University and did you think it would lead to a role like this?
I didn't go to university but a job like this was never on my radar, I wouldn’t change it at all now!

Which IconInc facility could you not live without?
The coffee machine, 100%

You’ve got the private cinema to yourself for the evening, what would you be watching?
Wayne’s World

What’s your spirit animal?
I’d probably say a dog – energetic, loyal and always accepting of treats!

What do you do to relax in your spare time?
Going for walks in God’s Own County

Tell us 3 things that might surprise us about you:
I’ve played football against Thierry Henry
I was once in a band and we supported the band that play in the “Gig” episode of The Inbetweeners
I am massively superstitious when it comes to magpies and spend the majority of my days saluting solo magpies

What’s your go to midnight snack from the pantry?
Oreo’s, multiple packets as well!

Nathan is fairly new to IconInc so if you haven't met him yet and see him around, be sure to say hi - our guess is that he'll be in the garden on the slide!

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