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Living Together As A Couple At IconInc

valentines day at Iconinc
Emma Hart

This is a guest post by Kartik who lives at IconInc, The Glassworks with his girlfriend Simran. Today, on Valentine's Day, he tells us about how they met, where they like to go on date night, and what it's like living together as a couple at IconInc...

Okay, this may sound quite rom-com so please bear with me for this one.

I met her in the middle of nowhere outside a grocery store with one of our mutual friend. It was my second day in this country and I barely knew anyone or anything about UK. I saw a girl who was obsessed with pineapple and she would not stop talking about all the “cute” pineapple things she got (I still don’t get it).

Her name was Simran and it turned out she was on the same course as me. So on the first day I went and sat next to her because she was the only one I knew in that room. It’s been 5 months since then and we’ve lived together every day since.

valentines day at student accommodation leeds

Honestly, I knew very little about Leeds before coming here and Iconinc was the one student accomodation all my seniors spoke highly about. After seeing pictures of The Glassworks on the website, I was sold. The building was new so I was a little sceptical on how it would turn out, but it is exactly how they’ve showed it on the website. Long story short, I absolutely fell in love with this place and I feel very much at home now.

Iconinc is a great place for Simran and me. Not only is the room is quite spacious with an extra kitchen, but the environment and the amenities also play a very important role. Living in this apartment as a couple means we get a lot of personal space as well as the opportunity to spend time together. At The Glassworks we also have the chance to make new friends from all around the globe. The Grab and Go breakfast is another big perk of staying here as we can pick up breakfast and head straight out to lectures in the morning.

student accommodation leeds

In our spare time, we’re usually chilling downstairs playing pool and drinking hot chocolate (trust me, it’s one of the best I’ve had). It’s the movie theatre though that’s our favourite place to hang out.

No place is good if the people around you are not. I’ve met some crazy friends here. Even the receptionists are so friendly and nice. They’re more like our friends.

One of our favourite places for a date night in Leeds is ‘Livin’ Italy’ at Granary Wharf. It’s a place with great vibe, some nice Italian food and Red wine.

valentines day picture

Living with Simran has been a crazy experience so far. Life is real, and while thankfully flinging tomatoes at each other isn’t a super common thing for us, we do have our day to day nit-picky fights but we’ve got ways to deal with it.

Living together is an experience in itself and IconInc has made it much more memorable for us. From great fun events to all the leisure experiences we get here, it has made our life simpler.

I would just suggest other couples at Iconinc to socialise with other people as well and make lots of good friends. Things definitely get more exciting when you have the same set of friends in common!

My name is Kartik Bohra and I’m studying Masters in International Business at the University of Leeds and this was my first blog ever! I hope you have a great day and enjoy living at IconInc whether you’re in a couple or living solo!

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