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Around Leeds in 7 Cuisines

Emma Hart

Leeds, you live here, but have you got an appetite for more than just what the supermarkets offer? Now we have traipsed around the city looking for something with a little bit more spice… talking about food is a hard job, someone has to do it!

Here are our favourite cuisines from around the globe in Leeds

French Cuisine

Le Chalet – Park Row

Le Chalet is a traditionally French tearoom where you can relax and eat traditional French cuisine, all freshly made on their premises. Ask the friendly staff about student discount- they have been known to give 20% off your bill so don’t forget to take your student card and ask. At the back of Le Chalet is a bakery, pop in and have a look, even if it is for the free smells of freshly baked croissants! Très bien!

Spanish Cuisine

La Rambla – East Parade

Fancy a little bit of tapas? La Ramblas bring every taste of Spain from across the water and a huge selection on the menu too! They also offer deals on their tapas menu, so really there is no excuse to add on an extra dish of paella to your order. The restaurant runs on traditional Spanish philosophy so expect an authentic warm atmosphere and great food.  Salou!

Thai Cuisine

Chaophraya – Swine Gate

Just around the corner from the train station is the swanky scene of Chaophraya where you can experience the true tastes of the Thailand spice. They serve traditional dishes with a traditional twist, great for parties but remember to book in advance.

Greek Cuisive

Souvlaki – Great George Street

Step into Mediterranean ambience at Souvlaki restaurant, set in the heart of the city at Electric Press Millennium Square. With every Greek plate we love, from Souvlaki to copious amounts of halloumi cheese, there is something on the menu for everyone, and at a reasonable price. Yamas!

Japanese Cuisine

Teppanyaki – Belgrave Hall

“Teppan” meaning hot plate, and “Yaki” which means to grill or fry, we can’t really complain about hot fried food can we? Well more is expected than just the name because the chefs at Teppanyaki skilfully cook your food in front of you. Using theatrical skills, they toss, juggle and flip your meal over flames. So if you are feeling a bit bored by your normal dining experience, this true Japanese restaurant will give you an unforgettable meal.

Brazillian Cuisine

Fazenda – Waterman’s Place

If you are after something mighty meaty then Fazenda is the right place for you- oh and you must have a mighty appetite too. You can choose from around 14 cuts of succulent meat, each which has distinctive tastes preserved with care by the Passadores (meat chefs). The service is a little different from the norm. You simply flip a card from red to green to indicate when you would like more food and the waiter will carve it onto your plate- the ultimate food carnival for a devoted carnivore!

Italian Cuisine

San Carlo – South Parade

For finely cooked Italian dishes, San Carlo prides itself their high standards- no wonder it is a favourite with the celebrities! They offer a wide selection far beyond just pizza and pasta, with plenty of fine meats and a generous amount of seafood which is visible on a three metre iced display. The interior is contemporary and classic and has a beautiful hand carved stoned bar, so whenever you fancy some celebrating, visit San Carlo. Belissamo!

And of course, if you fancy something a bit more simple and traditional, find a pub and try a pie, or if you want to go super English then pop in the chippy and try some tasty battered fish, chips and mushy peas!


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