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International supermarkets in Leeds

A student shopping in an international supermarket in Leeds

Whether you're already a resident at one of our Leeds locations (The Edge or The Glassworks), or you're hoping to study in Leeds, you'll be happy to hear that there are many international supermarkets in the area.

Leeds is an adopted home for people from all over the world, who've brought a wide range of products and culture along with them. If you're searching for a little bit of home-away-from-home, or you're simply looking to experience everything this vibrant Northern city has to offer, you're certainly in luck.

Read on to find out where you can find the best international produce in Leeds - you never know, you might even find a new favourite food from somewhere far across the globe!


Where: Harehills Road
Opening times: 9:30am-8pm Monday-Saturday, 11am-8pm Sundays
Good for: Filipino products

Filipino supermarkets – and restaurants – are increasingly hard to find across the country, which is why Leeds residents are so lucky to have Filfoods right on their doorstep! In fact, Filfoods is just a 20-30-minute bus journey from both Leeds IconInc locations, so you certainly don’t have far to travel to get your hands on sought-after Filipino products.

Filfoods pride themselves in being the only Filipino supermarket in Yorkshire, and their Harehills location is easily accessible via the A58 or A64, or on bus services 49, 50 and 50A.

Whether you’re looking for fresh, frozen or tinned food, cosmetics, crisps or confectionary, you’ll be able to find just about every Filipino product you need at Filfoods. Get your hands on balikbayan boxes, boy bawang, oishi and nagaraya and daing for extremely low prices – they even have their own online shop where you can order for collection in store, or get a free home delivery within a three mile radius – something you take full advantage of if you live at The Edge!

Filfoods also offer services such as international flight booking and remittance, which you might find helpful if you’re from the Philippines. They have SIMs on international networks such as Lebara and Lyca in stock too, if you find yourself needing a new way to get in touch with friends or family back home.

Wing Lee Hong

Where: Edward Street
Opening times: 10am-6pm daily
Good for: Chinese ingredients

Hailed as the longest standing and most well-known Chinese supermarket in Leeds, Wing Lee Hong provides an excellent range of authentic products and produce, fantastic for any Chinese native or food fanatic.

The store stocks an incredibly wide range of traditional Chinese vegetables – all of which you can view on their website. The store has been very outspoken about trying to avoid genetically modified food, and therefore stock a lot of seasonal produce, but only at the time of year it’s naturally available. For instance, you’ll be able to find the famous Durian at Wing Lee Hong, but only between May and August, and you’ll be able to pick up Arrowheads too, during October to February. However, the most essential produce for a tasty Chinese dish - such as beansprouts, galangal and karchi - are available year-round!

Wing Lee Hong also offer many convenient frozen goods to make it even easier to recreate a traditional Chinese recipe. From spring roll pastry, pancakes for Peking Duck and curry leaves, you'll find it all in the frozen section.

Of course, there’s a wide range of chilled products too – so you’re in luck if you’ve been craving authentic bean curd (tofu), fried fish balls or Chinese cannelloni. There’s no shortage of Mooncake desert either. As an added bonus, Wing Lee Hong also stock traditional cutlery, crockery and cooking utensils too, meaning you can find just about everything you need for a fantastic Chinese meal here!


Ofosua's African Supermarket

Where: Beetson Road
Opening times: 8:30am-8pm Monday-Saturday, 11am-7pm Sunday
Good for: African food and hair products

Ofosua’s African supermarket is a small shop with a lot to offer. If you’re looking for Afro Caribbean food, Afro Cosmetics, African meat, vegetables, fruit or spices, you’re sure to find everything you need at Ofosua’s.

The store stocks a whole host of authentic African essentials as far as fruit and veg is concerned, such as fresh and fragrant yams and plantain. You’ll also be able to find a wide range of frozen meat that's pre-prepared for a quick and convenient meal after a lecture or working a shift.

Ofosua’s also has a fantastic range of hair products. From extensions to conditioners, you can find a range of high-quality and specialised Afro hair products here that you would struggle to find amongst other retailers in Leeds.

Ofosua’s African Supermarket is located on Beetson road - just hop on the 19/19A bus service and change over onto the 1 LeedsCity bus at Park Row to get there from the Burley Street Andrews Street bus stop near The Edge. Catch the 757 from the Kirkstall Road Willow Road stop and switch over to the 1 LeedsCity at the same stop to get there from The Glassworks.

Mydonose Turkish Food Store

Where: Benson Street
Opening times: 9am-11pm daily
Good for: Fresh meat – and a sit-down meal!

It takes around half an hour on the bus to get to the Mydonose Turkish Food Store via the A58 from both The Edge and The Glassworks – you can catch a number of bus services, such as the 33, 34, 49, 50 and 50A services, paired with the LeedsCity services.

If you're looking for authentic Turkish cuisine, Mydonose definitely doesn’t disappoint! Downstairs, you can expect to find Turkish brand food, confectionary, teas, spices and more, while upstairs you can enjoy a sit-down meal cooked authentically using all of these provided ingredients.

Mydonose is known for its incredible meat, and the store has its very own butcher inside of the shop. Of course, Mydonose is home to absolutely excellent kebabs, kuzu güveç, tantuni and dürüm, of which you can buy the meat and ingredients for completely fresh to prepare yourself, or you can treat yourself to sampling an ever-changing menu in the restaurant area up the stairs, located right above the supermarket. Alternatively, you can–opt for some frozen produce ready to bang in the oven for a quick, easy yet delicious Turkish meal at home!

Better yet, Mydonose isn’t just known for its fantastic savoury and meat dishes - they also prepare fresh baklava in store, which is great if you’ve got a sweet tooth and you’re looking for a homely reminder, or just some traditional Turkish flavours.

Coming to study in Leeds, but not sure where to stay? Take a look at our luxurious student apartments. And, once you are a Leeds resident, make sure you pay a visit to these supermarkets to keep your kitchen cupboards stocked up and your friends impressed at the dinner table!

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