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COVID-19 Safety Measures at IconInc

amy | brand manager

At IconInc, we want you to feel completely safe, comfortable and relaxed. After all, we’re your home from home.

Despite the very serious ongoing situation that has gripped the world, at IconInc, we are adapting to this situation with our usual smiles. We want to reinforce that IconInc is a positive place to live in which we will give all of our tenants the best experience possible in our accommodation whilst they are with us. We will continue to encourage and support socialising and community spirit. Whilst we are making small changes to keep our employees and tenants safe and healthy, what will continue is the IconInc spirit. We remain on hand 24/7 to share a laugh with colleagues and students, engage with each other and have fun! In an ever-changing world, the friendliness of our IconInc team can be one thing we are sure of!

The health and safety measures we are enforcing are completely necessary in order to protect the well-being of staff and students, who are our number one priority. We’re really pleased to confirm that all our IconInc team are fully first aid and mental health trained plus all team members are now certified to prevent COVID19.

We’ve always been passionate about keeping a really high standard of cleanliness in our accommodation but to help anyone who is feeling a bit nervous about it, we’ve outlined all our extra steps and procedures below.

We have produced the guidelines below inline with Government advice and Public Health England. The most recent information can be found here.

Before you arrive
• Before you arrive, please ensure you read our latest information on our website here.
• You will be asked to book a time slot for moving in so please respond to our form requesting you book an arrival time slot.
• Please, do not travel if you’re experiencing any symptoms of COVID19.
• We must politely deny entrance to our building if we identify any symptoms of the virus.
• If you’re worried about your upcoming contract please contact who will endeavour to assist with your query.

Arrival and reception
• Hand sanitiser gel will be available in all our reception and communal areas.
• Our team have been issued with masks and gloves and will be wearing PPE when working in any communal area or when entering any apartments.
• Check in will be as contact free as possible.
• We’ve stepped up our already rigorous cleaning in the communal areas with a big focus on any surfaces such as, lift buttons, PIN pads on card machines and the front desk.
• We’re using a special bactericidal surface spray on all hard surfaces.
• Our guidance around hygiene and social distancing will be displayed on all our reception desks and social distancing markers are visible in all communal areas.

Maintenance and cleaning services
• During your time at IconInc, you may wish to book a clean with us or ask our onsite handy man to help you out with an issue in your apartment. Please be reassured that our team members will be taking every precaution necessary when entering your apartment.
• Team members will wear full PPE, ask to wash their hands if gloves need to be removed and may ask you to briefly step outside of the apartment if a 2m gap cannot be adhered to.

Communal areas
• Our gyms have reopened - a full risk assessment has been conducted to ensure the full safely and wellbeing of all of our students. The equipment has been respaced, the number of students in the gym at one time has been reduced and there are multiple new cleaning and sanitiser stations installed.
• Our sauna and steam room remain closed for the time being.
• We’re kindly asking for you to not linger in our Grab & Go areas.
• Communal areas that are used a lot such as entrances and exits are being cleaned thoroughly a minimum of every hour.
• Whilst our communal areas are open as usual, we are ensuring that 2m distances are maintained between each individual and areas do not become overcrowded. You will see handy floor stickers which have been measured out to help you understand the recommended distance.
• Unfortunately, our lifts do not accommodate more than one person inside whilst adhering to a 2m distance. Therefore we kindly ask that only one person enters the lift at a time.

Grab and Go breakfast
• Don’t worry, we’re still offering our Grab & Go breakfast, offering freshly baked pastries, fresh fruit, cereals and yoghurts. However, in order to ensure strict levels of hygiene this is now being individually bagged in our back-kitchen areas with employees wearing full PPE.

• Each item is wrapped individually and then bagged in an outer paper bag to limit contact with the breakfast items. You can then choose whether or not to take it back to your apartment to enjoy.
• We appreciate the social nature of breakfast and it is our aim to encourage this however, we kindly as that you remain at a 2m distance from team members and other students and limit your time spent in the Grab & Go area, ensure you are washing your hands thoroughly before entering the breakfast area and only touch items that you intend to take away with you.

Inside your apartment
You can be confident your apartment has been cleaned thoroughly, complying with cleanliness standards surrounding COVID19.
• Luckily your apartments are equipped with fully stocked kitchens, meaning you can stay in and cook if you prefer.
• The cleanliness of your apartment remains your responsibility. However, should you wish to take advantage of our cleaning service, this is available to book via reception.

What we request from our students
Our teams are working really hard to keep themselves, you and other students safe. So, we need a few things from you to help us all stay healthy.
• Please don’t come to the accommodation if you’re experiencing any COVID19 symptoms, please contact us on to advise that you have to delay your arrival.
• On entry to the accommodation please use the hand sanitiser provided at our reception desks and regularly wash your hands thoroughly. Our employees will be screening anybody who enters the building for symptoms. Please don’t be offended. It is to ensure everybody’s safety.
• Try to limit your physical interaction with our reception team. If you have any concerns, you can use the phone from your apartment or contact us via the App. We welcome visitors to our reception desk to have a chat or help you out with anything but please remain at a 2m distance from staff and other students.
• Please be polite and considerate to other students and remain 2M apart from the team and other students at all times whether at the reception desk or communal areas.
• Please don’t have any visitors to your apartment. Get outside and enjoy the lovely weather to meet up with your mates!
• Please don’t touch anything unnecessarily including food and drink items or surfaces.
• Please use contactless payment methods wherever you can.
• Please don’t gather or linger in reception or any communal area and limit the amount of time spent in areas such as corridors, lifts and stairways.
• If you are ill and showing signs of the coronavirus we ask that you please inform the team as a matter of urgency, contact the national health helpline online or by calling 111 and follow our strict house rules for students in self isolation.
• Do not gather in groups within the apartments or communal areas, current guidance suggests that we should not be gathering in groups of more than 6 people.

House rules for students in self-isolation
• You must remain inside your apartment and minimise all contact with other persons.
• Notify our team via the App or the phone that you are in isolation.
• No guests or visitors should enter the apartment.
• You will not have any physical contact with team members which includes any cleaning of your apartment.
• DO NOT go to the reception desk in person, communicate with us via the App of the phone provided in your apartment.
• NO smoking in the apartments or any areas of the accommodation.
• All rubbish should be left inside the apartment, we can provide refuse bags so that you can bag up any refuse, this is to be double bagged in two bin liners and left inside the room until you exit isolation.
• If you wish to leave the accommodation during your period of self-isolation you must inform the reception desk via phone of the App so that a safe exit can be arranged.
• If you do not follow any of the above house rules or we feel that you are putting any of our team at risk you will be asked to meet with the manager to discuss your actions.

You are our number one priority
The health, safety and welfare of students, visitors and employees of IconInc is our absolute priority, it is with this in mind that we ask that you comply with all of the above house rules during your period of self-isolation. The above advice is written inline with Government and Public health England guidance.

We thank you all for your co-operation in this matter and hope that you can be patient and understanding whilst our teams do our best to help make this process safe, easy and efficient.

The IconInc Team

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