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Meet the trainers

Emma Hart

With more than 17 years of combined personal training and teaching experience, Sylvia Wong and Chris Thompson make up the IconInc fitness team. Between the two of them they specialise in body building, sculpting and defining, nutrition and fat loss. Covering everything from spinning, boxing and free weights they can provide personal training plans to help reach your goals.


Work out to your heart's content in our on site gym. Our state of the art equipment includes free weights, isolation and cardio machines that will help you reach your goals in no time. The gym is seconds away from your room so there is no excuse.


The gym is open from 7am – 10pm every day with drink refreshments available to purchase from the pantry. Make sure you contact reception and sign your disclaimer form at the beginning of your tenancy.



Need an extra push? Then why not sign up to our private sessions from our fully qualified personal trainers. This will keep you motivated and toned to perfection in no time! Enquire at reception about working with the IconInc gym team.

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