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The Perks Of Living At IconInc

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Emma Hart

IconInc is an incredible place to spend your university years. It’s luxurious, it’s different, and it’s your home while you’re studying. It’s also full of aspirational people from all over the world so you’re with like-minded people who want the best start in their adult life. So, what are the perks of living at IconInc? Here’s why we think this place is so special…

24-Hour Concierge

Having that constant friend, that person that can give you great recommendations for places to go, someone who’s always in to collect your parcels. That’s what our 24-hour concierge does. You won’t find that in any other student accommodation but it’s an IconInc feature that comes as standard.

Your Own Bathroom

It’s no fun having to queue for the bathroom in the morning. It’s also not fun being late for lectures because your house mate took forever doing their hair. You don’t have to worry about any of that at IconInc. The bathroom will always be free and you’ll always be on time for university because you have your own bathroom at IconInc. It’s attached to your bedroom so you can roll out of bed, into the shower every day without having to wait for anyone.

A weight in the IconInc gym

Cinema and Gym

What would it be like to have your own private cinema and gym in your home? At IconInc, every location has a cinema and a gym for you to use. You might want to hang out and watch a movie with your friends one evening so why not hire the cinema for a private screening? Have you got gym goals you want to reach? There’s no reason not to surpass them with the gym on your doorstep. Relax and exercise all in one place, it couldn’t be more convenient.

International Community

IconInc is proud to have such a varied international community. There are residents here from all over the world so you’ll make friends with people from Australia, Kuwait, China, India, Malaysia and Dubai, just to name a few! Not only will you get to learn about several different cultures but who knows, you might even get to visit your friends and travel to their home country one day!

Cool Events

We love creating an exciting atmosphere at IconInc for you. There are several events happening throughout the year, including summer BBQs, iconic movie nights, yoga classes, and more! Keep your eye on our events page to find out what’s coming up throughout the year. And if there’s an event you’d love to see at IconInc, let us know on Twitter or Facebook!

If you live at IconInc, what perks do you enjoy here? Tell us on Twitter!

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