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The secret to a spooky Halloween

Emma Hart

Halloween is derived from its traditional name “All Hallows’ Even”, hallows translating to ‘holy person’, a day when traditionally Catholics would commemorate the saints. It was believed that both good and bad spirits could walk among the living, hence why we dress up to look scary, to ward off the bad spirits.

If you want a low budget Halloween, then why don’t you host your own party? Apple Bobbing is a fun warm up to a night out, fill up a big bucket of water with apples in and try and catch the apple in your mouth, no hands. Or get to the kitchen and try and whirl up some magnificently sweet toffee apples to chew on.

Now, just as a heads up, trick or treating probably won’t go down that well with your neighbours, who wants to share their sweets anyway? So play it cool and find where the party’s at!


Think you will survive the 9 hour INZOMBIFEST all-nighter? With 11 acts across the 4 rooms in the recently renovated club inside traditional arches, there will be plenty of bone shaking beats over two stages to this party. ‘Part 1’ will run from 11pm-4am, followed by ‘Part 2’ from 4am-8am, so be ready.

Halloween in Control

Control, previously named Evolution, is situated in an unlikely spot in Cardigan Fields on Kirkstall Road. The super club hosts an annual Halloween extravaganza, which has previously featured theme park rides outside, so if you fancy going all out on your night, sort out your tickets ASAP.

Hospitality @ The O2 Academy

If you are majorly into your drum and base music, book your tickets for Hospitality at the O2 Academy, right in the centre of town next to Millennium Square Leeds. With a strong line-up of over 15 DJ’s, the night promises treats all-round.

Flux at the Beaver Works

For a seriously freaky Halloween, the Beaver Works will get you in the mood alright. It is not a standard club as it is a converted Victorian warehouse, sounds creepy right?! Also, it is Leeds’ most renowned and haunted building, only for the faint hearted!

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