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Top Attractions For Students In Leeds

Emma Hart

If you are planning on studying in Leeds, then you will benefit from living in one of the UK’s most exciting cities. You certainly won’t get bored in between lectures, because Leeds offers plenty to see and do. While you are studying in Leeds, you might as well take advantage of all the activities on offer and amazing sights to see. Here are some of the top attractions for students in Leeds.

Kirkstall Abbey

This is a landmark you have to see at some point during your time in Leeds. Kirkstall Abbey is home to the ruins of a breathtaking 12th century Abbey. This is a completely free attraction, and a great opportunity to see a piece of the city's history for yourself.

The Museums

Visiting a museum might not be at the top of every student’s to do list, but it would be a shame to miss out on some of the awesome museums in the city. Leeds City museum has everything from Iron Age tools to Roman artefacts and Egyptian mummies. Abbey House Museum and Thackray Medical Museum are also worth a visit.

Elland Road Stadium

Football fans will want to catch a few Leeds United games during their time at University. Even if you aren’t football mad, head to at least one game during your time at Uni and support your local team at Elland Road.

The free gigs

Leeds is a very musical city. Many bands get discovered here, which gives you a chance to see some talented, up and coming bands. Plus there’s also a lot of free gigs that take place across the city, which is particularly convenient for students.

Roundhay Park & Goldenacre Park

Despite being a major UK city, Leeds has a lot of green spaces where you can get away from the busy city. Roundhay Park and Goldenacre Park are both beautiful. When you need to relax and take a break from studying, get some fresh air in one of the city’s parks.

Search for books in Leeds Public Library

Although going to a library might not sound that fun, Leeds Public Library is pretty impressive. It’s definitely worth a visit to admire its striking architecture and intricate interior design. Plus, you will probably find some additional books to help you with your course.

Hyde Park Picturehouse

Hyde Park Picturehouse is one of the oldest cinemas in the country. There are several different cinemas in Leeds, but if you want a retro style cinema try Hyde Park or the Everyman cinema. Hyde Park Picture House was built in 1914 and it shows mainstream films and independent titles. It’s also very close to the University of Leeds campus.

Watch a show at the Yorkshire Playhouse or Leeds Grand Theatre

Make sure you find time to catch a show at either the Yorkshire Playhouse or Leeds Grand Theatre. Watching a show at one of these venues will help you get a taste of the cultural side of Leeds. There are some amazing shows and performances including ballet, opera, dance and live music.

Go on a pub crawl on the Otley Road

Most Leeds students spend a lot of time on Otley Road. Probably because it’s home to 19 pubs, which makes it perfect for bar crawls. Not many UK cities boats a street with this many student friendly bars to enjoy.


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