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Uses For The IconInc Private Cinema

Suzy Quinn

Did you know IconInc has a private cinema? Well, if you didn’t, you do now! It must be said that it’s a pretty awesome facility to have in your student accommodation. You can even hire it out for just you and your friends! It’s not just a standard cinema either – you may be surprised to learn all the things you can use it for…

Watch A Movie

As it’s a cinema, watching a movie is obviously the first activity that springs to mind! No more huddling around a laptop screen; choose your favourite film, stretch out, grab some popcorn and have a full-on cinematic experience right here at IconInc! As part of our events calendar, we organise monthly movie screenings, so be sure to check out the timetable and see if anything takes your fancy.

Watch A Sports Game

Is there a big football match on? Or maybe you’re a Formula 1 fan? Whatever sport you’re into, the private cinema is a great place for you to tune in. Watching a game on the big screen means you won’t miss a trick, and you can make it into a fun event for you and your friends. You don’t have to squash into a pub and struggle to see or hear what’s happening – you’ll have a (very comfortable) front row seat!

Play Video Games

If you’re feeling competitive, you can book out the cinema and challenge your friends to a video game or two. Once you connect your console to the screen, you’ll be good to go. If you’re of those gamers who properly gets into it and flings the console all over the place, don’t worry - there’s plenty of room for your moves in there!

Practice A Presentation

If you’ve got a presentation coming up at Uni, the cinema room is a really great place to do a few practice runs. You can get your slides up on the screen and get your friends or course mates to watch you. Reading through notes and practicing on your laptop is one thing, but actually standing up there and presenting it like you will on the day will make you feel more confident and ensure you’re 100% ready.

So, as you can see, the IconInc private cinema is way cooler than your average cinema, and a place you should definitely check out when you’re here! To see what other top-of-the-range facilities we have for you at IconInc, click here

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