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Preparing For Life As A Leeds Uni Student

Emma Hart

Before you head off to uni, it’s best to get some stuff sorted, and to digest everything you might need to know in advance of starting your course. Moving to a new city, and leaving your family home can be a daunting prospect. However, there are some things you can do to prepare yourself in advance, get ready for uni life, and make the move feel less intimidating. Here’s some tips for preparing for life as a Leeds uni student.

Visit the city

One of the best things you can do to prepare yourself for life in Leeds is to visit the city. It’s a big city, but most things are within walking distance. You can probably see most of the city in one trip.

Make a list of student friendly places you might want to check out, and the main city attractions you want to see, and start to uncover your new home. If you are able to get a feel for the city in advance of going to uni then you will feel more confident when you arrive at the start of the semester.

Find the right accommodation

Looking for accommodation well in advance is very important, especially if you want to snap up the best student accommodation in Leeds. Start look for potential places to live early, and have a think about whether you would prefer to live in student halls, a student house or on your own in flat. Students who sort out their accommodation last minute tend to miss out.

Go on a campus tour

Everyone gets to go and visit universities when they are considering where they want to study, but have you been back since? You might want to visit the university and have a little stroll around. It will help you get your bearings and also get you excited to start uni in a few month’s time. You can talk to current students and ask questions, and visit all the key campus hotspots.

Research your course

For some university courses you have to do a bit of studying before you arrive at uni. You may only have to do a bit of reading in advance, or nothing at all. If you do have work to do before you arrive, don’t leave it until the last minute or you will feel stressed and under pressure. Take a bit of time to research your course and find out what will be expected of you in your first few weeks of university.

Find out about the student union

Leeds University has a large student union with a huge range of facilities. It has restaurants, shops, cafes and bars. You might want to visit to check it out, or you can find out information about it online here.

Start buying university supplies

During the summer before you begin uni, you might want to start stocking up on everything you might need as a student. Make a list of things you will need for your course and student accommodation.

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