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What to Expect on a Night out in Leeds

Emma Hart

Arriving in a new city can be rather daunting, even the most outgoing types. Wondering whether or not the people will be friendly or if you can even understand what they are saying are just some of the concerns you may have when faced with an alien environment. So, what can be expected on a night out in Leeds?

People are friendly (well, mostly)

Yes, the stereotype that northerners are much friendlier than their southern counterparts is largely true. Do expect random strangers to start talking to you whether it be in the street, on the bus into town or in the queue for a donner kebab. Leeds folk also tend to love meeting people from other places (shock horror), so you may even be made to feel like a celebrity if you come from Surrey or some other faraway land.

Hen Do’s LOVE Leeds

Head out for a night in Leeds and you will most definitely see at least 10 Hen Do’s. They will almost always be hobbling of a mini bus, wearing pink sashes and clutching giant inflatable penises, cackling amongst themselves and getting chucked out of bars on Call Lane. WARNING: These people are almost always not from Leeds so we can’t guarantee how friendly they’ll be. Approach with caution.

Skimpy outfits all-year round

From March onwards, it’s summer as far as the people of Leeds are concerned and so expect their outfits to reflect this. Yes, the slightest hint of sunshine is a signal for all the lads to take their shirts off in clubs and girls to wear the tiniest of outfits, even if it’s just to go down the local pub for a swift drink.

24/7 fancy dress in Headingley is just fine

Well, it is a student area so what do you expect? Recommend you get seated upstairs by the window in Arc Bar and you and you can happily people watch for hours on end. Popular costumes include Minions, Umpa Lumpa’s, Barbie and Ken and He-Man. You know what they say – if you can’t beat them, join them.

An invite to the Otley Run

If you haven’t been on the Otley Run at least once then you haven’t really lived in Leeds. The stretch of bars is named so due to the fact it runs along Otley Road, not because it starts or ends in Otley (now that would be just irresponsible). Traditionally starting in Woodies Ale House, the aim is to try and have a drink in pretty much every pub and bar from their until you get to The Dry Dock on the outskirts of the city centre. Fact – nobody ever remembers much about being on the Otley Run.

The world of burgers and chicken

If there’s one thing Leeds is not short of, it’s places to get a good gourmet burger. As well as all the chains you can get anywhere, Leeds is home to Reds True Barbecue and The Joint which are both awesome. Once you’ve eaten your burger and had your big night out, everyone in Leeds heads to New Briggate, otherwise known as ‘the chicken strip’. Here, you’ll find Dixy’s Chicken, Chicko’s, Chicken Cottage and at least 10 more finger licking’ good takeaways.

They love a good terrace

Despite the fact Leeds only gets sunshine for 2-3 days per year, the city centre is awash with outdoor terraces so you can enjoy your cocktail or pint al-fresco. The Belgrave, Oracle Bar, Headrow House, Slate NQ, Angelicas, The Alchemist and Mr Nobody are just a handful of bars with their own terrace where you can enjoy freezing your nether regions off.

Leeds is AWESOME!

Just in case this hasn’t been made clear already, Leeds is a simply amazing place with great people, great nightlife and a lot of heart and soul. Simply put, it is the place to be.

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