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What To Wear To Lectures

Emma Hart

When you start University there’s loads of things you will be thinking about. Everything seems new and it takes a while to settle in. You have to figure out how things work, and settle into living as a full time student. One thing that a lot of students don’t really think about before they leave for University is what they will wear to lectures.


You might think carefully about what clothes you take for night’s out and wandering round the city instead. However, you will have to attend lectures most days, so it’s helpful to know the sort of things students wear, so you can decide what to pack.


There certainly isn’t a dress code for lectures at most Universities in the UK. It’s not uncommon for some students to turn up in their pyjama bottoms (although some Universities do frown upon this, and it doesn’t give a very good impression).


On the whole, UK students tend to wear something comfortable to lectures. A lot of students will simply wear their University hoody and a pair of jeans. When you have to drag yourself out of bed after a heavy night out, often what to wear is the last thing on your mind. It’s usually best just to keep things simple rather than try and look like a fashionista every day.


Lectures usually last about 50 minutes, which is quite a lot of time to be sat still. It’s best to wear something you feel relaxed in. There might be some days where you have to make a bit more effort. For example, if you have a presentation to make and jeans and a t-shirt just won’t cut it.


It’s also beneficial to try and dress a little smarter every so often. Sometimes when you make an effort with what you wear, you feel more focused and determined to work hard. This doesn’t mean turning up in a suit, but occasionally looking smart and tidy certainly doesn’t do any harm.


Some of the key items you might want to pack and take with you to University for lectures include numerous pairs of jeans, comfy baggy trousers, warm jumpers (as the UK can get very chilly in the winter), t-shirts and trainers. You might also want a few casual shirts and slightly smarter options for days where you feel like stepping it up a notch.


A lot of students end up having lectures all over campus, and they often have to walk from their student accommodation every day. The last thing you want if you have to do lots of walking is wear uncomfortable shoes. Make sure you pack a few pairs of comfy trainers.


Carrying all you course books, work and belongings around can be quite tiring. You may want to invest in a decent backpack or bag that you can take with you around campus, that’s big enough to fit several books in. A two strap rucksack make not look super cool (although you can get some really quirky retro ones), but it will prevent you from hurting your back.

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